Want to Become an Authority in Your Small Online Business?

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If you want your small online business to grow and become successful, you have to become an authority in what your product or service is. You have to do extensive research and know it from the ground up. Make sure your information is unique, knowledgeable and truthful. Do not be afraid to have your own opinion, having your own opinion is what will separate you from the rest. This is exactly what you want to do to stand out from your competition.

Just what does it mean to be an authority? The dictionary states, authority is advice given, opinion or influence of another. One way to become an authority is to share your knowledge. Let the internet world know that you know what you are talking about. You can do this by blogging. Blogging is where you have your own website, or blog and post your articles, videos, or maybe a special place you just went to visit. Things about you, your life, and business.

Whenever a question is asked about your product or service, research it and then answer the blog question. The more you interact on a blog and the more you post on your own blog, the more you will look like an authority. The more of an authority you are, the more people will trust you and your product or service.

Make sure that your about me page on your blog tells all about who you are. Let people know that you are a real person just like them. Let them know about your knowledge in your specific field, product or service. Show pictures of yourself and your family. Let people put a face with your name.

Another way to look like you are an authority is to write articles. When writing your articles go into depth about your product or service. What exactly is your small online business all about. The more articles you write and the more information you share with others will establish you as an authority in your small business. The more content you put in your articles the more Google likes it. The more Google likes it, the more it is shown on search engines.

You can take your articles and submit them to a number of sites. You can also post them on your blog. Once your articles are on you blog, you will receive comments from other people. Some of the comments may be a question about your business, you can then take that question and write another article about it. You can take your article and make a video, then post the video on several sites. The more sites your on the more people will find you., which in turn means more sales.

Once you have a few articles written, you can make them into an eBook. The more content driven your articles, the better your eBook will be. People love eBooks, you can sell them or give them away on your blog and people love to share them. The more shared the more viewers you will have.

When you have your blog up and running efficiently with lots of good content. Have lots of articles out there, and an e-book to give away.

By doing all these things, you will become an authority in you small online business in no time.

5 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed Online

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If you are a small business owner, you really need to read this. It’s not enough anymore to have a great product, a good location, a nice storefront and be a great person. Your clientele has changed – they have become online savvy and if recent reports are true, you need to get online and you need to do it quickly.

So, as a small business owner, how can you gain an online presence without breaking the bank? There are some fundamental steps you can take to begin creating a great online presence and you can start today.

Claim and Verify Your Existing Local Business Listings

You may not realise it but your business is already online. Check it out for yourself, go to Google and type in your business type and your location. If you have a phone number, you will find yourself listed. If you have to look really hard to find your listing you can see that your potential clientele will probably never find you.

The listing is gathered from information from places like the telephone directory and anywhere else online there is a snippet of information related to your business. These basic listings are often just that, very basic and frankly unattractive to most people. There is a process you can follow to Claim and Verify your listing, as the business owner. It’s pretty straight forward and Google gives some priority to listings that have been Owner Verified. So this is a pretty simple and entirely free thing you can do or you can get someone to do for you.

What’s the Magic Word? Optimise

So now you have an Owner Verified listing with Google and that is a better place to be than yesterday. Now you really need to make sure that the listing is working really hard for you. There are many things you can do to improve the listing and turn it into a great (and free) webpage.

Google has a guide and a bunch of videos to show you what to do and even how to do it. The more information your listing has, the better received it will be by the people who are looking for a business like yours. Google loves optimised listings and rewards you by moving you up the search engine results.

Leverage the click-ability factor

You know those awful infomercials on television where they used to say ‘but wait there’s more…’ well the reason they did that was because the customer always wants more and online, that comes in the form of something to do. Something to click or download or watch or read.

For you as a small business owner with a claimed and verified and totally optimised Google Places page that means you want to provide your potential clientele with something to click – at least an email address to they can contact you but even better is a website. Both these things work together – the Google Places page turning up high in the search results and pointing to your webpage or website which gives you the opportunity to present a really professional face to the people looking for someone just like you.

What was that Magic word again?

You guessed it, that webpage needs to optimised to make it work hard for you. Only this time much of the work will happen behind the scenes as you ensure that the words and the images are search engine friendly. This can be a bit tricky but with a little guidance (ask Google they have loads of stuff available on SEO) you will improve the performance of your site.

Of course, if you got someone to build the site for you and they were worth the effort and expense of employing them, they will have included some good basic SEO with your webpage or website.

Keep It Fresh – Get It Out There

If you as a small business owner carry out each of these steps, I’m certain you will see improved results in the number of people coming to your business (both online and offline) as a result.

However you need to keep your listings fresh by ensuring the information is correct, that there is something new and interesting for people to see, that your coupons are up to date, your images and links are all working. That takes a little time but is effort well spent.

Now of course you don’t need to do this all at once.

In fact I’d recommend that you start small and do it well. The fact is, your Google Maps listing already exists – go on, take a look. Claim it, verify it, optimise it. Do this one thing well and you have already created an online presence for your small business.

My other piece of advice?

If you don’t have the time to do a great job with this, let someone else do it for you.

Find yourself a person who is familiar with the technology, on top of developments, who has the time and the skills to make a great impression for your business. Sure there are many free resources out there and a great place to start is with Google – they have guides and tutorials that will walk you through the whole process, if you have the time.

If you don’t have the time, then do your business a favour and find someone who does. Getting your business noticed online is not rocket science but it is a skill, talk to someone who can do the task well while you concentrate on all those customers calling because they noticed your business online.


How to Sell Small Business Agreement Online

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The World Wide Web has become a major player for profitable businesses both small and large. Doing any kind of transactions online whether it is taking out small business loans or other financing can be a bit complicated in some areas. However, applying some simple techniques can prevent any mishaps that these online transactions sometimes entail.

Cover Your Assets

Drawing up contracts that will cover all your assets in addition to it being accepted by the second party can be overwhelming especially in an online format where you do not get to see each other face to face. Without a verbal, written or implied agreement, it is sometimes difficult to carry out legally binding agreements. So, it’s best to take all precautions to ensure that all areas of your business dealings are covered.

Selling your Business Agreement Online – 3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Identify potential buyers and make an offer: Before a small business agreement can be formed, the owner would first need to provide an offer to the second party.

Step 2. Acceptance or rejection: Once there is an offer, there will either be an acceptance or rejection of the offer. An acceptance to the offer is what is required to have a business agreement created. This is where the second party agrees to what is being offered and decides to enter into an agreement.

Step 3. Negotiate a sales agreement and create legal obligations: To protect the interest of both parties, a contract is created to seal the deal which is the final phase to proceed. Once both parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement it becomes legally binding on both parties, which means that both parties agree to abide by and fulfill their part of the deal.

What Should be Included in the Contract

What you include in the contract depends on your type of establishment and the products and services that is being provided. Here are some things that should be included:

  • The price
  • Payment options
  • Method of payment
  • The service or product being offered
  • What will be delivered in terms of product or service
  • The rights of both parties to end the contracts
  • The country’s laws used if contract needs to be enforced

So are you ready to take the chance?

So there you have it.


3 Best Internet Marketing Ideas For Small Online Businesses

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For small online business owners situations are very complicated at the beginning. With vast amount of information it becomes very difficult to decide which marketing methods to opt for. So here I have listed 3 best internet marketing ideas that can bring you a head start for your small online business. It does not matter what category your online business comes under, if you follow the given marketing strategies, your small business will soon be ready to get bigger. Lets start talking about these 3 best internet marketing strategies.

Increase Visibility Through Search Engines:

Your online business must be visible through search engines. More than 90% of people who look for products or service online, first head over to search engines and gather information. If your business is not visible in search engines, you are losing potential clients. So, to get more visibility in search engines, you should try few of the search engine optimization techniques. For example, article marketing, social bookmarking and link exchange.

  • Write few articles related to your business and submit them to popular article directories, such as the one you are reading.
  • For social bookmarking, you need two things. One is your website URL and the another thing is a small description of your website. That is it. Submit them to many famous social bookmarking websites.
  • For a successful link exchange strategy, you will be required to look for other websites that fall under the same category as that of your business. Then contact the webmaster and ask for link exchange. Usually all webmasters who know the importance of SEO agree on such requests.

Submit Your Business to Google’s Local Business:

Many marketing experts still do not know the importance of Google’s local business. You might have noticed when you search in Google for services that require local experts, for example plumbers or electrician or carpenter or even a computer technician, webmaster, SEO experts etc. On the top of the search results, you will find local business listings with a phone number and an address. This is very important for your small online business. Small business do start locally and then eventually spread over globally. You need to make enough money locally in order to invest more and grow your business globally. Google’s Local Business submission is completely free. It may take a day or two in order to verify your business listing.

Start Pay Per Click Campaign to Obtain Fast Results:

Pay Per Click, also known as PPC campaigns are very effective if you require fast results. There are many PPC service providers online. One of the most famous of all is Google AdWords. Once you register you will be asked to provide your ad details. Then they will display your ad to every possible places online. You pay for your ads only when someone clicks on your ad. That is the concept of PPC. And it is very powerful. Google has a large network to display your ads to variety of websites. You must try this one if you need fast results.